Self-reflection vs. Obsessive Thinking

April 15, 2021

What’s on Our Minds One goal of self-reflection is to contemplate a particular situation that we feel is unresolved—so that we can understand what aspects we could and could not control.  And then devise a plan to do things differently in the future. A big part of the self-reflection process is finding a feasible way… Continue reading

Getting “Carefree Timelessness” on the Schedule

April 8, 2021

What’s on Our Minds   With whom do you need to ensure that you are getting at least a few hours of meaningful conversation in during each week? And how are you going about making that happen?  Whether it’s at work or home, some of our relationships need regularly occurring in-depth conversations—business ideas and strategy,… Continue reading

Healthy Use of Technology in the Information Age

April 1, 2021

What’s on Our Minds Technology’s influence in our lives has never been as apparent as it has been in the past year–as many of our business operations, personal connections, education and our hobbies went virtual.  While this has produced some pretty hilarious laughs, driven innovation/advancement in some sectors, and given us some new everyday social media stars to root… Continue reading

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Positive Psychology Not Toxic Positivity

March 25, 2021

What’s on our Minds   One of the major pushbacks to positive psychology is that it’s Pollyanna—viewing the world as if everything is peaches and cream all of the time….that ignores or minimizes problems. In recent weeks, you may have heard the phrase “toxic positivity.”  It’s the idea that when we look on the bright… Continue reading

Leadership is Influence

March 18, 2021

What’s on our Minds   Very few public personas will reach legendary humanitarian work for the greater good like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or Mother Teresa.  Our society in the digital age has come to think of day-to-day influencers—famous YouTubers, TikTok-ers, Instagram posters, celebrities and athletes—as leaders.  But talent + public social media platform doesn’t… Continue reading

Your Resilient Culture

February 25, 2021

What’s on our Minds Despite the news cycles and social media feeds painting a bleak outlook of the world, most people are doing just “fine.” Yet any given day can totally go sideways. The pandemic is a historic crucible moment, that has created a tipping point of need. We created the Resilient Culture Initiative (or… Continue reading

Row of dominoes with a stick figure in the middle stopping the domino effect

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

- Norman Schwarzkopf