These topics can be brought to your organization together or separately. Mike can deliver the CLC’s content via three means: an in-depth, two-day seminar in Pinehurst, NC; a full-day in person seminar at your organization; or a 20-minute to 2-hour speech. Please contact us to determine what is best for yourself or your organization.

Seminar & Speaking Topics

Leadership is a Relationship: Building an Engaged Team

Gallup research from 2013 uncovered an alarming statistic: 70% of American workers are disengaged on the job. When asked why, disengaged employees cite the number one reason is they believe their manager does not appreciate nor leverage their strengths. Through his experiences as a U.S. Army officer and the Founder of Team Red, White & Blue, Mike understands that leadership is a relationship. In this dynamic presentation, Mike will help leaders understand what character strengths they can leverage to better understand and appreciate their employees – and improve the quality of each interaction.

Lead Yourself First - The Power of Solitude

In his forthcoming book, LEAD YOURSELF FIRST – Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude (Bloomsbury Press, May 2017), Mike explores the counterintuitive notion that one of the most impactful actions a leader can take is to create time for solitude. This message is exceptionally timely because, courtesy of technology, people are more distracted than ever before – and the ability for leaders to engage in solitude has been eroding underneath our feet. In a thought-provoking juxtaposition to his other two presentations, Mike explains how great leaders throughout history have used solitude to fortify their character and enhance their clarity, creativity, emotional balance, and moral courage.

Open Enrollment Seminars

The Character & Leadership Center’s open enrollment seminars are events to strengthen leadership through a deeper understanding of positive psychology, self, and others.

Day 1: Lead Yourself First
Day 2: Leadership is a Relationship

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“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

- Norman Schwarzkopf