Resilience is rarely something people build on their own.


Today, where people live is often where they also work. The lines between personal life and work life are blurred. Emotional exhaustion, burnout, competing work/life stressors, social media overload, and disrupted routines have resulted in declining employee mental health.

Here are a few ways RCI will help you to build an organizational culture that guides employees to positive mental health:

  • Organizations that focus on building a culture where employees adapt to, persevere through, and learn from hardship shape a community that is healthy and effective.
  • Our strategy is to influence as many employees as possible to establish practices that cultivate resilience through short and consistent five-minute micro-lessons. Daily positive messaging with reinforcing activities help individuals take control over things they can change to improve their mindset over time. Consistency is the key.
  • Organizational leaders are certified as RCI influencers to guide employees through brief daily conversations, reflections, or activities. Certification takes place in an initial 3 hour training, with monthly one-hour updates and check-ins.
  • RCI’s content is carefully crafted with interwoven weekly themes and daily resources delivered during the work week over 40 weeks of the year. Our strategy will focus on improving mental health, increasing healthy behaviors, leadership, and improving positive relationships.

Partnership Opportunities + Investment
To Strengthen Your Team Culture

Two, 2-hour initial training sessions for your RCI Leaders

One, 1-hour monthly training session

Direct access to daily resources, Monday–Friday, to drive a ripple effect


TIER 1: $495/month

5 leaders

TIER 2: $995/month

10 leaders

1 keynote or fireside chat via Zoom per year

TIER 3: $1,995/month

20 leaders 

1 keynote or fireside chat via Zoom per year 

1-hour working group session per quarter

Building Resilience in 5 Minutes a Day


1 action to take that addresses the week’s theme.


3 discussion and/or reflection questions.


1 action to take that addresses the week’s theme.


3-4 minute article or blog that helps drive home the theme’s importance.


Gratitude in action. Take 5 minutes to think of a person in your professional or personal life, and express appreciation for them in an authentic manner.

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