Your Resilient Culture

Row of dominoes with a stick figure in the middle stopping the domino effect

What’s on our Minds

Despite the news cycles and social media feeds painting a bleak outlook of the world, most people are doing just “fine.” Yet any given day can totally go sideways. The pandemic is a historic crucible moment, that has created a tipping point of need. We created the Resilient Culture Initiative (or “RCI”) as a response to the toll this uncertainty is taking on people, recognizing that the “new normal” could become “normal” “normal” after a while and then what?

Why it Matters

With your work life as a major daily touchpoint continuity, your organizational leaders care quite a bit about how you are doing. It’s as much “on them” as it is “on you” to foster an environment that values and nurtures resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to, persevere through, and learn from hardship. Organizations that focus on building resilience as the default way of doing things, shape a community that is healthy and effective.


We say this all as a prelude to what you can expect over the coming year.


Something to Think About

Earlier this week, you heard from us about what resilience is and how it relates to your organizational culture. We have had a chance to connect with a few key influencers in your organization. In today’s social media world, many people are called influencers, but at their core, they are marketers.  They are trying to influence you to buy something.  RCI influencers are quite different; they are working to help influence you to believe that resilience is within your reach, and that you then have the ability to influence other people in your life to become more resilient.

They are going to be sharing with you a number of resources that we have developed to focus on building a culture of resilience within your organization. As you can already see, each workday, RCI influencers will share with you a video, article/blog, activity suggestion, or reflection question that focus on a key aspect of building your own resilience. Fridays will be dedicated to expressing gratitude towards others. These activities should be incorporated as part of your work responsibilities, with the 5 minutes that they were designed to be completed occurring as part of your work day. Don’t worry, this isn’t homework. No one will be testing you on what you learn. We know some of the material will overlap, as none of it is really siloed. A lot will be familiar to you; we think a lot will also be new. If you have questions, or ideas about the material, that’s great! Your RCI influencers are your go-to touch point for discussion, feedback, and clarification. How you learn to do this together as an organization is up to you. The RCI content is just a building block to get you there.

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

- Don E. Williams